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We have sold land and built properties for over 1000 clients



Includind land sales, building of houses and construction of building



Over 100 acres of genuine lands sold throughout the country

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Affordable lands

Buy lands from Perpool Ghana and pay monthly with flexible payment plans, ranging from one plot, half plot, to full plots. The site features both residential and commercial lands, nicely demarcated for your convenience

Affordable Lands at Tsopoli for sale
OUR success story


We take great pride in reflecting on our journey and how far we’ve come. Over the past 6 years, we haven’t encountered a single instance of selling land that resulted in issues for our customers. We confidently assert that there isn’t a single client, either in Ghana or abroad, who has purchased land from us and regretted their decision.

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The first step is to visit our site and choose your preferred plot type. You only pay for the land after visiting the site and getting satisfied.
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Pricing Plans

We have 3 options for you to choose from. 70x100 one plot, 100x100 full plot and 50x70 half plot

Lands in Tsopoli

GHS 12,500

Tsopoli Lands For sale Buy lands at Tsopoli

ghs 25,000

Tsopoli Lands for Sale Buy lands at Tsopoli

ghs 31,000

Project Perpool

With various land prices starting from 50x70, 70x100, 100x100. You can choose a plot of land in Ghana that suits your needs.

Other Services

Pergola & Building Constructions

We also assist you in building your dream property with expert building and construction services. Our trained construction experts help clients build their dream homes.

Land Sales

When you buy land from us, you'll receive a complimentary site plan and indenture. Take advantage of our flexible monthly payment plans!

Pergola Design

We are passionate about crafting enchanting and functional pergolas that transform outdoor spaces into tranquil retreats. 

Building Construction

With a focus on quality and innovation, our mission in building construction is to construct spaces that stand as a testament to excellence. 


Here find images of our works