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tsopoli lands at perpool
Story of Success

Why do we only have lands at Tsopoli

We take great pride in reflecting on our journey and how far we’ve come. Over the past 6 years, we haven’t encountered a single instance of selling land that resulted in issues for our customers. We confidently assert that there isn’t a single client, either in Ghana or abroad, who has purchased land from us and regretted their decision.

People often inquire, “Why do you exclusively offer land at Tsopoli?” The answer is straightforward. We firmly believe that land is not just a purchase but an investment. And investments warrant protection. This is why we don’t simply sell land; we meticulously source parcels that are free from any issues. We prioritize quality over quantity, opting to focus on finding genuine plots rather than rushing to offer land from multiple locations.

What do we offer

We provide you with peace of mind. When you buy from us, you can rest easy knowing that the land is genuinely yours. This is why we offer a grace period of up to 12 months for you to complete your payment.

Construction services

We don't simply sell you the land and leave. Our team includes experienced construction experts who are ready to handle all your construction needs


We are committed to safeguarding your investment. Our dedicated efforts ensure that your land remains free from encroachments. Rest assured, the land you've purchased from us will remain secure.


We have no concerns if you decide to visit the site and inquire about the land from locals. In fact, we encourage our buyers to conduct thorough research, including checking with the Lands Commission, to ensure their confidence in their purchase

Free site plan and indenture

Absolutely! When you make a purchase from us, we provide you with a complimentary barcoded site plan and indenture. There's no need for you to incur any extra expenses for these essential documents