Land has transformed into a profitable investment, and I have evidence to back it up.Let me tell you Why I Regret Not Investing in Land in 2019. In 2019, I received some funds from a business venture. As a young individual, my immediate thought was to invest. The concept of investment echoed in my mind repeatedly.

The regret

A friend suggested real estate investment. However, I hesitated due to the perceived smallness of my funds. Nevertheless, he assured me that I didn’t need a substantial amount to begin. Accompanying me to a real estate agency in Oyibi, he introduced me to the idea of buying land. At that time, a plot of land was priced at 6,000 Ghana cedis.

Why I Regret Not Investing in Land in 2019

Despite having enough funds for around 10 plots, I decided against the purchase. My friend even attempted to persuade me by highlighting that I could buy it as an investment and sell it later, even if I didn’t plan to construct on it. But I was fixated on the distance of the location and dismissed the idea.

I chose to invest my money with a well-known financial company. Fast forward to November 2022, the same friend who recommended the land I turned down had to send building materials to his four plots in the same area. Accompanying his workers to the site, I couldn’t help but inquire about the current land prices there. To my astonishment, a plot was now priced at 25,000 Ghana cedis.

The realization hit me hard. In just three years, the value had surged. Had I invested the 60,000 cedis back in 2019, my returns would have been approximately 100,000 cedis, with the value reaching around 160,000 cedis by now. Meanwhile, my investments with the financial institution had yielded less than 10,000 cedis.

Regretfully, the funds I placed in the bank could now only secure two plots instead of the potential ten in 2019. As I journeyed back home, my mind was fixated on one thought: seizing the opportunity to purchase land whenever it’s genuine and promising. The area I visited had astonishingly developed, adorned with numerous new houses.

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My lesson was crystal clear. Whenever I encounter genuine land opportunities, I will not hesitate to invest. For anyone contemplating a similar decision, I urge you to buy, provided the authenticity is verified. Don’t overlook the prospect of land investments in Ghana, especially if you trust the company. This is Why I Regret Not Investing in Land in 2019. Speaking from personal experience, the company I recommend is Perpool Ghana, and the land site is Tsopoli.
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